FM Recording and Playback Problems


Before I return my Sansa Express back to either Sandisk or the place of purchase, I was wondering if any Forum Community members would be willing to see if they could reproduce these problems I have discovered on my Sansa Express. I would be most grateful.

Firmware version: 01.01.05A
   Serial number: 0002FAA9F66C00C20002FAA9F66B0F0C

Problem #1: FM recording and playback quality

Steps to reproduce problem:


  1. ‘Settings’ ==> ‘Reset All’ ==> Confirm
  2. Set equalizer setting to: ‘Pop’
  3. Record about one minute from the FM radio
  4. Save FM recording
  5. Play pack FM recording and wait until display turns off

 (After display turns off, the sound is choppy and decimated. On some recordings, the file
  plays back normal for a few seconds, then plays back super fast and this is
  embedded in the actual ‘WAV’ file. If I transfer the ‘WAV’ file to my PC and
  play back the file on the PC, the sound plays normal and then plays fast so
  I know the Sansa Express is at fault. In the cases where the sound of some FM recordings is choppy
  and decimated, I have found so far that this does not get embedded into the
  WAV file but somehow the Sansa is just  not playing it back properly when the display turns off. )

It seems that playing back the recording with an equalizer setting to anything
other than ‘Normal’ causes these problems. The sound problem goes away when you
turn the display back on by clicking a button. However, if the sound problem
is the super fast playback problem, it’s actually embedded in the WAV file so the problem always

exists regardless of whether the display is on or off.

PROBLEM #2: Playing back WAV files sampled at 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz

I also noticed that with the Sansa Express, playing back ‘WAV’ files recorded at 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz
from my computer on my Sansa Express sound great when the display is on, but as soon as the display turns
off, the sound quality is choppy and decimated. As soon as you wake up the display, the sound quality returns
to normal. (These WAV files were created on my home PC with CoolEdit 2000 and sound fine on my PC – it’s just that the Sansa Express has problems playing these back only when the display shuts off.)

Can anyone replicate these problems? I’m using the latest firmware. I don’t know if this is a problem with just my Sansa Express or just a firmware problem.

Thanks very much for your time and help.

Best regards,