Freeze after recording


I have bought Sandisk Sansa Express 2GB because I have had a lot of mp3 player unknown manufacturers. I thought that Sansa is good buy, but not.

At first the Mp3 can´t turn off, freeze and more. I updated FW from 1.1.1F to 1.1.5F and some problems disapeard. I noticed that Recording is not normal.

I started to recording and then I didn´t stop and save record. Player was off or when I pressed play (start recording) mp3 turn off. So I updated manually FW to amercian 1.1.5A, now recording start normally but after few minutes I can´t stop recording. When I have luck, I press a lot of buttons and after few seconds (cca 30-60s) player ask me if I want to Save or Cancell recording. Worst case if, that I´m thinking that MP3 is recording  but then is turn off…

I recorded a lot of important stuff, but Sansa dissapointed me.

Could I give some advise with this problem ? Other problems I accept, but this is the worst for me.



hmm… I went to my car today and I noticed that player don´t playing by USB…at display I see some dots  at the centre… wtf ??

probably in firmware 1.1.5A …because in 1.1.5F it was playing (sometimes :-)) ) 

When you try to stop a recording, do you just hit the button once, or do you try several buttons?  It’s possible there could be a delay in the response, but hitting more buttons will only slow things down, not speed them up.

Can you clarify what you’re discussing on your second post?  I’m really not sure what that’s all about.

second post - my car radio is with USB port , waiting for plug MP3 player, when I plug it in, at display were about 10-20dots most of them in middle of display, and songs dont play - sollution: manually update FW

recording: it´s same if I press button once, or serveral buttons. Either MP3 ask for Save (Cancell) record or it´s off (=> record don´t be stored)

Since this sounds like it could be tied to the firmware, if you want I can send you an older firmware version via email.  01.00.15F doesn’t have SDHC support but it’s otherwise feature-complete.

If you would like me to do this, just reply here or PM me.  I’ll use the email address in your profile unless you PM me with a different one (I wouldn’t suggest posting it here unless you like spam.)

So with 1.0.15F2 it seems to be good (recording) but developers could make FW newer than 1.1.5A with good recordnig, not reseting and supporting most of cards. Reseting (at turn on player it ask for set language, custom equalizer is reset) is probably persisting by first FW to 1.1.5A … :(. It´s not functional bug, but it make listenings music uncomfortable…