Reconnect Small Ribbon Cable for Wheel

Someone, not me of course, removed the cover on a Sansa Fuze. Now of course, with the cover back on, the wheel won’t turn. Or rather, it turns but no action. Is there a way to reattach the small ribbon cable that (I think) controls the wheel?


And note that the ribbon cable is very easily damaged if the player face is lifted too high during disassembly. If it is flexed too far, the tiny copper traces crack where they thin down from the ZIF tab end.

Thanks for the detailed directions. Appreciate it.

The link to the original post is dead, and I’ve got this problem.  Could someone post a live link, or possibly have a copy they could host of the original (if someone can’t host, I’d be happy to host on my web site, but I need the content).

Thank you!

Thanks, Jamieson.  That’s the best there is though, eh?  I’d seen it before, but the pictures aren’t great quality, and that catch looks a little different than mine (which I’ve since lost, sadly, since I took it apart incorrectly).  -sigh-  

At least I can kind of tell from the pictures that the latch is supposed to actually flip up from the back side and not the front, which is what caused mine to completely come apart…

Thanks for the link.