Stuck Wheel (temp fix)

One night I noticed that the wheel on my Fuze wasn’t turning very well, and the next day it didn’t turn at all. I pushed hard and turned it in circles trying to loosen it up, and was eventually able to get it to move, jerkily.  But each morning it would freeze up again, until I could not move it at all, even pushing hard. I used my MacGuyver knife to turn the wheel, and this got me through the day, though whenever it slipped it would either pause the song or skip tracks, and scratch it up. (I figured scratched and functional was better than beautiful and useless). Finally, I was frustrated enough to open it up and look behind the wheel. I followed the directions at <>, and though I’m not recommending you do this , I thought I should post, somewhere, the things I noticed that they didn’t mention.

" Step 1: Pry open and pop the clips. Please note that the bottom two clips are held in with a little bit of rubbery glue. Don’t rip the face off too quick since there is a ribbon cable you need to disconnect."

Also note that the screen is held to the faceplate by some sticky membrane. My screen was splitting in two untill I used a paper clip to push the membrane off the faceplate, and then I had to push the screen (click) back into place.

" Step 2: Remove ribbon cable from face plate. Lift the face off and flip the brown ribbon release flap on the connection."

The ribbon is brown, the “release flap” is black. The ribbon comes out of the plastic housing and remains attached to the faceplate.

I stopped following their instructions here, because I wasn’t interested in completely disassembling my Fuze. Instead I slowly peeled the tape off the back of the faceplate and unscrewed the two tiny screws on the back of the wheel-part. There was a lot of dust on the back of the tape which I wiped up with a q-tip. The ring around the wheel popped off easily and I gently turned the wheel to see what was making it stick. I noticed that little pieces of a white sheet of plastic behind the wheel were catching on the clips that the wheel sits in. I trimmed them with the scissors of my MacGuyver knife.

Replacing everything was easy, except the brown ribbon. To get it back in place I put it in position and then pushed on the back of it with a paper clip.


  /  <—put the ribbon in place

 /________ <—back


                  -------------- <–faceplate

push—>      ( <-----ribbon

                  -------------- <–back

After doing this, my Fuze still works and my wheel turns (though still not smoothly). It at least will last me till I buy a new one.

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I have had mine for three months and the while is stuck.  I stick my fingernail under the edge and it turns enough to set my volume and get back to the audio I am listening to.  Very frustrating.  Maybe I rolled over on it in my sleep or my pillows are beating the stuffing out of it during the day.  For what I paid for it, I think a new one is in order. 


 had the same problem 2 months ago.  rubbing alcohol fixed mine.  works great now.

What I did was return mine but it was a hassle. Never thought of trying that

OMG!!!  I could kiss you right on the mouth!!!   I tried for two hours to contact customer service to return it and logging on this evening I found the solution that worked like a charm!!!  The alcohol did the trick!!!  I will carry the little packets of alcohol swabs with me whenever I take it someplace with me.  Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!



sorry I responded to the wrong message…my bad!!!  I am just so happy…

I had same wheel problem and used my favorite boating electrical product “Corrosion Block” which is sold at boating stores.  I found it totally safe with all electrical products and breaks down corrosion.  It’s also a lubricant.  2 tiny drops on the edge of the wheel, then pushing it with two fingers to start turning seemed to do the trick.  Don’t know if it will do anything to the unit eventually but I’ve had such great luck with the product in the past I’ll take a chance.  I didn’t see alcohol in the board til after I did this but sounds like that works too.  (basically cleaning the bearing and slip surfaces). 

Just found this Sansa forum and have bookmarked for future use.  We love the Fuze - it replaced our old 5 CD changer!

Thanks that worked for me!