Recommended microSDHC

Hello guys,

As you may have read in my other topic, I’m buying an 8GB gray Clip Zip which I’m going to expand with a 32GB microSDHC. However since SanDisk’s own microSDHC’s are rare to come by in the Netherlands and thus quite expansive, I’m thinking about using a different brand for it. Such as Adata, Kingston & Transcend.

Are there any specific specifications for such microSDHC’s to work perfectly with the Clip Zip? Such as a recommended speed (x2, x4, x6 & x10) etc. ? I’m asking because x4 is most common here, but I obviously don’t want to be stuck with a non-working microSDHC / a non-compatible one.

Please let me know your recommendations and/or which brand / speed you use :wink:

Thanks guys!

Class 4 is the best to use with Sandisk players. Sandisk players have some compatibility issues with some cards faster than class 4.

Good to know! Class 4 is x4 right?

I support that brand doesn’t matter?

Use a high quality brand. Sandisk isn’t the only high quality brand. Sandisk cards used to be very expensive, however now in the US  they are close in price to other high quality brands. If you plan to buy a 32GB card though, I suggest you get one sealed in a retail package(not loose or bulk) from a reliable vendor as there are many fakes and defective cards around. You should check Amazon and other places for reviews of the various cards before buying.

And I personally would only buy where there is a return policy, in case needed . . . .

I always buy such things in retail stores :slight_smile:

I hope you know some good retail stores. In the US, some places may still charge up to $50 for a class 4 16B microSDHC card, while better stores have quality brands of retail packaged class 4 32GB microSDHC cards for under $25. Even the Sandisk ones are under $25.

I’ll be buying an A-Data 32GB class 4 from a good retail store in a few days.

SanDisk specifically is only available here from phishy internet stores and I read various issues with Kingston here on the forums and I personally never had issues with A-data’s DDR3 memory, so let’s give their microSDHC’s a try :wink:

Since Sandisk makes flash memory cards, it is inappropriate to discuss other specific brands and  models of cards here on the Sandisk forum. Researching the cards on Amazon, and reading the reviews there is the way to avoid lower quality cards. I have Sandisk cards, as well as some cards of other high quality brands.

I’m sorry to hear that, especially since it’s not against SanDisk’s policy and it’s up to them to sort out their availability in the Netherlands and not ours. Besides that, I’m dissapointed that you aren’t willing to help me because you are afraid to offend SanDisk.

As good as a company as their are, if they can’t deliver then I’ll need advice on other brands and if you or others aren’t willing to name other brand even though it happens on other places on the forums, then you are actually NOT helping SanDisk because you ma be preventing people from countries with low SanDisk availability like mine to purchase their products because we can’t be sure if they work with the microSDHC, especially since that is one of the reasons to buy such a device.

Chill MetaData. There’s a difference between discussing a competitor’s product and “promoting” it. There is no law or rule (implied or otherwise) prohibiting the discussion of other memory cards here on the forum. SanDisk, Kingston, AData, Transcend are all good brands. The only issue I have ever heard with Kingston involved videos on one of SanDisk’s older players.

Clearly though, you have to buy what is avaialble in your area of this big, blue marble and any one should work without problems. The only advice I could give you is that there seems to be issues around the use of Class 10 cards in these players. Being that these higher speed cards cost much more than Class 4 and provide you with no additional benefits in playback from them, I don’t know why one would want to spend more and risk the potential problems.

Besides, didn’t you already say you made up you mind and was going to buy an AData card? I’m sure it will serve you well.

Thanks a lot Tapeworm. I just needed some reassurance. :smiley_cat: