Recharging M240

My m240 will not recharge?  I have two of them with duracell NiMH batteries… it wont recharge off the usb or off the  Griffin wall charger…neither recharges the battery…am I doing something wrong. 

When plugged into The Wall charger it shows the battery indicator at 1/4 full but never recharges. tried a few hours and then overnight

When plugged into the USB port it doesnt show the battery indicator. So I am guessing you dont recharge from the USB port.

I have the latest Firmware update V4.1.08a and the latest Sansa updater 1.041

Again neither works so what can i do?

Please help



Hello Dstarita, Welcome to the Community!

At this time, you cannot charge batteries from the M200 player via the USB port.  Please use your dedicated charger instead.

I didn’t know that you can charge the m200 series!

But, too bad you can’t!

That would be really cool though if we could!