Sansa M240 "sans" battery

I use my M240 player for Audible audio books.  When I got into my car today, the AAA battery in my M240 was dead.  I didn’t have a spare battery with me.  I also have a Blackberry for which I have a car charger.  This charger plugs into my Blackberry via a standard mini USB port.  Since my M240 has a mini USB port, I decided to try plugging it in with the car charger.  A risky impulse. :cry: I played my M240 during the 30 minute commute without a battery installed! :smileyvery-happy:

I see nothing in the M200 Series documentation about being able to run the player this way and tried various searches on Google and in this forum for anyone who has tried it.  I don’t want to “fry” my M240, but this would be an excellent option if I can plug it in while I listen to it in the car.  I use rechargeable NiMH batteries in it now, but this would be even better.

Thoughts from the rest of the forum?



I know the M240 draws power from the USB port, I’ve plugged it into a USB port to transfer music/data with *no* battery installed and the LCD display comes on to tell me its status. Obviously you can’t play music at this point because it’s busy transferring data.

I’m not sure it’s designed to draw voltage off the USB connector for day to day use, but interesting to know that works. :slight_smile: