Receiving "refreshing your media" during songs that have worked fine previously

I have a Fuze 4GB, V01.02.31A, with 72 MB free internal memory, and 6368 MB of external free memory.

The FUZE was recently working fine and then I added some podcasts.  Today I turned it on and

noticed it went to a “refreshing your media” right away.  Then I went to a normal artist thats been

on the FUZE for quite some time and after the first song the FUZE stopped.  Had to do the reset by

holding the “on” button up for a while.    Then the system went through another “refreshing your media”.

Then I selected a different artist  thats been onthe FUZE for some time and started playing the first

song and the FUZE stopped playing and went to the “refreshing your media” message again.

Any ideas on why this is occuring and how to resolve this?



Two possibilities:

The podcasts may have tags the Fuze doesn’t like. Look at them in Windows Media Player or get the free mp3tag and make sure there are not foreign characters, giant Comments or anything else that looks odd. Check the version, too–the Fuze prefers ID3v.2.3 ISO-8859-1. (You can change the version in mp3tag  in Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg/Write). 

There may also be a mechanical problem with the Fuze. When I push the outer left edge of the << on mine, sometimes it starts to Refresh because, apparently, doing that slightly dislodges the microSD card. I’ve learned to press the inner edge of the << button, or navigate in another way. 

There are other possibilities too but check those out. 

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