Fuze frozen on "Refreshing Your Media" screen

My fuze is around 3 years old and its been only synced to PC’s. But over the past month or so, I have had to sync it to MAC’s and for 4-5 days it stays on the “refreshing your media” screen. It can still connect to the computer because I have uploaded and deleted songs and also installed the upgrade. Can you help me with this??

I can tell you what the likely problem is, but not necessarily the solution.

First, make sure the files are .mp3, not Apple’s own .aac.  If they are .aac, from iTunes, you’ll have to convert them to .mp3 first. 

But usually, Refreshing Your Media means the Fuze is struggling to read the tags on the files.

Unfortunately there are various ways of encoding them: how the computer/Fuze puts the characters on the screen.   Windows leans toward ISO-8859-1, which the Fuze prefers. Mac likes Unicode (UTF), which is different.

How are you synching? With iTunesSync? Or something else? 

I use a PC, and I clean up tags by running them through mp3tag, which gives the option of saving tags as ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1, and then just drag and drop the folders in MSC mode–not syncing.   But mp3tag is a PC program. See if you can find a Mac program for ID3 tags that gives you the option of setting the version (iTunes doesn’t). Perhaps iTunesSync does that–I’ve never used it.