Fuze Refreshing your media problem?

I just got a song called “Jessica” from the Allman brothers. I really like this song, yet when I tried to upload it to my Fuze, I synced it in with my Wmp, wait a couple of seconds till it said “Connected” again, then unplugged it. So the Refreshing your media sign came up like always, and the green bar went all the way to the right, then it stopped just almost to the end, and froze… and i deleted the song and everything and i had to restart it aboput 5 times till my player worked again. So I tried to uplaod the song 1 more time and still no dice. So can anyone help me with whats wrong?

ya i kinda fixed it jsut now but then i tried changing the background color, and going to a unrelated problem everytime i change the color of it then press ok my fuze crashes, so after that i tried to turn it back on and the refreshing media (nothing changed) came back up and no finish