Reason why first item in whish list, better should be first item for Sandisk marketing people.

About fist item in whish list:

“1. Accelerating fast-forward and rewind, where holding down the fast-forward or rewind button will speed up the fast-forward or rewind. The standard speed is fine for finding a place in a song or short clip. However, it takes too long to get through a 2-hour podcast!”

Why this is not first item for Sandisk marketing people ?

Let us see :

People who want to take advantage of time have realized that “hearing” text is more efficient than “reading” text.

There are many applications available that allow you to easily pass text to audio text.

These applications allow to obtain .mp3 files of 6 hours duration, or more.

To listen to these files an mp3 player, due to its size, and independent battery consumption, will always be more appropriate than the mobile phone.

The model of mp3 player that I use (SanDisk® Clip Sport Plus) takes about 37 seconds to quickly move forward or backward one hour on a long duration file.

I have consulted with other manufacturers and they are not faster than my device.

Seeing the abundant offer available in Amazón on mp3 players it seems that this is a growing market.

The manufacturer who - thinking about the long duration files of audiotext users - will offer, in his products, a maximum speed of fast forward or backward movement that allows to move one hour in about 5 to 10 seconds, will be benefiting from a competitive advantage, easy to offer to the user.

Hopefully Sandisk will be the first to realize this. So far (several years) it does not seem that this is so.