ReadyCache compatible with (Truecrypt) encrypted system volume?

I’m running Windows 7.  The boot partition is encrypted using Truecrypt (and boot partition also happens to be a RAID 0 array, using Intel chipset built-in RAID controller).

  1. Will ReadyCache work with a TrueCrypt-encrypted volume like this?

  2. If “yes”, Is the copy of my data on the ReadyCache SSD encrypted, like the data stored on the RAID array itself, or is it un-encrypted data (the data that is passed to Windows 7 AFTER being decrypted by TrueCrypt)?

  3. Does ReadyCache deliver a similar performance improvement when the drive is encrypted, or does encryption reduce the benefit of ReadyCache?

Much thanks in advance.

Expresscache is not compatiblie with Truecrypt

That’s disappointing… but thanks VERY MUCH for confirming.