ReadyCache and HDD corruption windows 7 64bit.

I have Windows 7 64bit running on an old but reliable Q6600 MSI intel chipset, ATI graphics, the HDD is the solow point of the sytem. I added the ReadyCache and everything starts working faster until a few days have passed then the computer will no longer boot and there are numerous corrupted files in the operating system.

Is this a software issue or an issue with the ReadyCache?

I have repeated this twice, after the first time I built a reliable back up so did not have the hassle of having to reinstall everything. Ok can I prove it was the ReadyCache software, it could be coincidence but an otherwise reliable system starts corrupting its primary HDD once the software has been installed.The only other thing I did was to install AVG after installing the Caching software.

I see there is new version of the software, dare I try it? I have no idea if this is going to be reliable enough as I do not want any more hassle. If I choose another antivirus will I get a different result?

make sure and update the software then if the issue happens again post the memory dump and event viewer records. 


   ReadyCache is a READ cache so there should not be any affect on what is written to the hard drive. We have not heard of any other instance of what you are reporting. Can you please try to install the latest version of the software here:

Also, what is AVG?



AVG is an antivirus software