readycache and gaming performance ?

Hi there 

                 ive been experiencing stuttering in some games,and after cancelling out other causes ( such as psu,ram and hard drive ) im left with the readycache software running in the background 

                  so my questions are :

  1. would it be ok to disable ( or exit ) the readycache software when running games 

  2. could it be the readycache software thats causing the stutter in games … 

                       many thanks 

in the settings you can disable the cache. Caching still actually occurs but this disables the read IO from hitting the SSD. If you still see stuttering in the game you may want to uninstall expresscache from the system and see if the issue still occurs. If not something else would be the cause. 

Whats the spec of your system, i find it loads faster, it doesn’t really take a toll on performance during a game, that wouldn’t make sense.

I don’t know, run scandisc on all your drives with the repair errors checked off, or see if some other process is hung/eating up resources while your game is running, or hammering your harddrives.

The ReadyCache indeed slows down games…

I have disabled the service and the drive itself. It will reset the data tho…

i agree with Wetnap, my games run better with

the cache.