Enabling caching seems to make my PC lock up in games

As you can understand from the title,when i enable caching for some reason in some games,my PC completely locks up,screen goes black,sound starts repeating and i have to reset the PC.

It sounds like a heat issue with my PC but my heat levels are fine and i’ve been using this same configuration for more than a year now.

It happened when i was playing DMC:Devil May Cry once or twice,and i didn’t care much about it,i changed the thermal paste and went on to finish the game.

But now i’m playing Batman Arkham Origins and it’s happening again,constantly too.

I tried changing everything updating drivers,reinstalling my gpu drivers and direct x,changing my cpu cooler,making sure my heat levels are fine,etc.

But at the end i found that the problem is with the caching,i’m also curious as to why it does this only in arkham origins or dmc,or maybe in dmc it WAS a heat issue and now it’s about caching?
I thought maybe my power supply wasn’t enough but i don’t take the ssd off,i just disable caching trough the expresscache program and that does the trick.

Did you try disabling caching when playing a game?

This happened to me as well (ESPECIALLY in Star Citizen Beta), so I just disable caching when playing a game.

To do that, open your Express Cache GUI program (ExpressCache), click on Options in the upper right corner, and then select Disable Caching. Select yes, and you’re done!

Just remember to turn on cache before you shut down/reset your PC, or it won’t start up as fast.

How about downloading the Sandisk SSD toolkit and check the SMART attribute? That should give you an idea about the ssd health.