Rare feeling of sheer quality + a wish for the next firmware update

This player gives me a really rare feeling of great design and sheer physical high quality. I often find myself just admiring it and digging its design while listening. It is almost “unreal”, how well this player is made (physically). I think the combination of the small form factor and tight design is a perfect match.

The firmware upgrade i did in June brought a very important feature: the ability to browse folders instead of navigate through the metadata. I use it all the time, as I like listening to a bunch of albums across several genres for convenient playback by grouping them in folder hierarchies. I think that option should not be at the bottom of the menu, but at the top.

A wish for the next firmware update:

  • The SongsToGo list should hold at least 5 times as many songs and preserve them across updates.

Neither the ratings nor the SongsToGo list should be lost when refreshing the song directory (when re-inserting the memory card, for example). After a refresh, it should just delete the entries not present in the player anymore.

I think there is a great “quality-of-life” enhancement potential in making the playlist features more flexible and customizeable. That is the single feature area that would make me extra reluctant to switch to any other brand later, if it let me group and mix at will with greater flexibility than I can easily find elsewhere.

PS. The next firmware updates should also inform about the problem of lowered volume levels, and how it can be avoided by resetting to factory defaults and setting it to use USA instead of European region. Without that info, I think several people will be very dissappointed, quite unnecessarily. Not all people find their way to these forums. (Search for “volume level” here in this forum to find a long discussion with a more detailed fix description.)

Thanks for a truly great product :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t count on a lot of firmware updates.

The Fuze+, which looks more like an update of the despised View, has just been introduced. That suggests the days of the Fuze are numbered. Updates on the E200 series ended soon after the Fuze arrived.

I also like the build quality of the device.  It’s solid and doesn’t do much squeaking.  It also has a nice solid weight to it.  The rubber back feels cool and doesn’t scratch like crazy, unlike the chrome backing on iPods.

Sandisk messed up on two things, though.  The front plastic scratches too easily and the power switch is entirely too small.

I’m saying all this, because, if there is an upgrade to the Fuze, or just a whole new player, Sandisk needs to try to fix these main physical issues and keep all the good parts.


Yeah- I’m still impressed with my V1 Fuze over two years later.

Advice:  Get a screen protector right away.  Zagg Invisible Screen is excellent.  Goolge it.  Can’t even scratch it with keys.

GoList now contains 200 song ability.  Used to be 50.  I like to think they listened to me and increased in in a upgrade a year and half ago.  Wish there were several GoLists. I hate Playlists and Synching stuff.

Have fun.  Don’t forget you have FM radio on there and a pretty good voice recorder too.