Radio and Recording Issues


I’ve got a 4GB Clip+ and noticed a couple of issues regarding the radio and the recording features. My radio does not function at 95.9, 96.1, and anything in between when set to “world” mode. I can pick up the 96.1 station on 96.15, but not in US mode. There is no station here on 95.9, but both 95.9 and 96.1 are almost silent. Not sure if this is an issue with the firmware or hardware. I don’t know anyone else with a Clip+, and it’s a few months too late to return mine. I don’t feel like buying another Clip+ either, unless a 16GB or 32GB model comes out.

With the recording feature, it works pretty well, but it skips sometimes. This is with both FM and voice recording. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Aside from this, I’m thoroughly enjoying my Clip+. It’s my first Sandisk MP3 player, and I’m still amazed at how something that small can do so much cool stuff.

Thanks for reading.