R201 in MBP

Downloaded the firmware upgrade, burned the ISO, but I get stuck at ‘loading /bzimage’ when I boot to that disk.  Patience doesn’t seem to be the issue.  Anyone else have this problem?  Any fixes?

Which model of Macbook pro do you ahve? Also can you link the ISO image you are using so we can take a look at it?

2011 MBP.  

Link to the ISO:  http://mp3support.sandisk.com/SSD_toolkit/FW/Extreme/R201/ExtremeR201-240GBImage.ISO

More info:  I7 processor, AMD graphics

<<<<< crickets <<<<<<<<<<

Hey jwmather. Any luck with this? I am having the same problem. Really frustrating, as my mac seems to hang a lot with this new SSD addition, and I’m hoping this is the fix but I can’t update the firmware!

i have the same macbook and i dont have any issue updating the firmware. there were reports from others that had issues loading if there were other expernal disks connected to the computer. do you ahve any external disks or cards readers connected?

I’m assuming you’ve long since figured this out, but I’ll post the solution for others who are struggling with this.

Assuming you have removed the Optical drive from your macbook (using something like the optibay) and are trying to run the update via an external CD drive enclosure, it simply will not work. The update is linux based and will not recognize externals. You will need to either remove your SSD and put it into a computer that has an optical drive hard lined into the computer, or you will need to remove your optibay and reinstall your superdrive (just for the update). It’s a huge pain in the ass, I know… but the update will work fine afterwards. After you’re done the update you can remove your superdrive again.

I just updated the firmware to R211 and had to go through this.

Hope this helps!