ISO burned, boots, but doesn't finish... MacBook Pro (early 2011)

Downloaded the proper firmware (thanks for the guidance - the box ID versus the ID in System Profile - they were different).  Burned it to a CD, booted from it.   Must say here that my former internal DVD/CD is now external since I put a HD in its place.  The boot goes to black screen, some text scrolls across the top then it goes to a blinking prompt and sits there.  The CD spins down and nothing heppens.  If there is a time frame between that first line and further action I’ll try again, but I felt that was as far as it was going.  Don’t want to go mucking around and render the SSD to becoming a paperweight so I’ve stopped for now until I hear back on this.  I don’t think the fact that the SuperDrive is now external is at the root of it since it does boot from it.  I do, however, not use the “C” key to boot, I use the Option key to select the disk.  The disk being external now may not be able to do that (didn’t try).

I have the SSD Ultra+ - the box lists it as a DHP, the System Report shows: SanDisk SDSSDH2256G.  So I downloaded the H2 version.  I don’t know how critical this firmware update is, if it isn’t I am going to cease trying since it could end up in disaster if done wrong.

Thanks for any guidance.


IIRC external CDROM cannot be used. I would switch the HDD back to the CD/DVD drive do the update and then put the HDD back in

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Kinda figured it might be that since the DVD Player software (OS X) doesn’t recognize the external drive properly.  If the firmware isn’t critical (please let me know) I’ll wait until I’m able to take the laptop apart.  Have had no issues with it, so …


you should update the FW on this drive.