Question about song list display

I’ve searched a bit, and can’t find this issue elsewhere.  I apologize if it’s a dupe question.

When listing the songs on an album in my Fuze, some of them display a small icon (kinda like a folder) to the right of them, while some do not.   I think I know what has caused the change, but I don’t know exactly why, or how to “make it stop.”

For a long time, I had used CDex (using the LAME dll) for ripping.  However, I noticed that I had trouble getting it to save ID3 info containing accented characters in a format with which the Fuze was happy.  Thus, I ended up re-saving that info with MP3tag. 

To try to get back to one step, I decided to try EAC again.  For some reason, everything I encode with EAC seems to have these little icons next to each song. Looking at the configuration for LAME in EAC, I don’t see anything jumping out at me to explain this discrepancy.

Not being a LAME expert, I’m not sure what’s going on. Anyone have any suggestions, or can point me in a direction to dig further?



The icon represents a song that is located on the external card.

d’oh!  Didn’t connect that particular pair of dots.  :dizzy_face:

Thanks - glad I could give you your “easy question” for the week!