Question about capacity

Just bought a 4G fuze. Have added about 50 songs to the device and I’m already having space issues.  Does the device come out of the box fully loaded with 4G of memory or do I have to buy a chip?  The box doesn’t specify.

Sounds like you’ve got a defective product. It should have a full 4GB, no extra chip necessary (unless you need more space). Try using the builtin format feature (Settings -> System -> Format), and then re-add your songs. If you’re still having issues, exchange it for a new one.

The player comes loaded with some sample songs. After you delete them from the player, you should have plenty of space. The 4 gigs means 4 billion bytes, not a computer 4 gigs, but a hard drive 4 gigs. Next subtract from that the space needed for the firmware, and other system files. My 4 gig Fuze shows 3888 megs total memory. I guess this might include something like 100 megs or so for the firmware and system files? So perhaps 3700-3800 megs free space after deleting the sample songs, videos and photos, and before adding my music.

Message Edited by JK98 on 12-24-2008 11:10 PM