File type differences

I was curious how many songs my Fuze 4GB will hold, because while browsing this forum, I saw someone mention like 4,000 songs or something like that. Mine is almost maxed out of internal memory and I only have 957 songs. I have mostly .wma files from my CD’s, but I have a few mp3 files too. Both file formats seem to be close to the same size when I view their properties. Am I using the wrong format to maximize space?

The way you format your music should be based on sound quality preferences. Are you happy with the sound quality on your fuze? Is 957 songs enough for your use? If it is then don’t worry about it. If you need more songs then you can drop the quality of your music. Also, the person getting 4000 songs is probably also using an SD card as external memory.

It depends on how big  your average song is.  4 GB is roughly 4000 megabytes.  If each song is 4 megabytes, then you get 1000 songs.

A rough rule of thumb is that encoding at 128 kb/s gives you 1 minute per megabyte.  If your songs run around 3 minutes (or a little more) and/or you code at 128 kb/s (or a little more) then there you are with around a thousand songs and a full player.

 4000 songs does not sound reasonable for a 4 GB player.  If you encode songs at 64 kb/s (considered resonably the low end for music) you would get around 2000 songs.

Of what are called “lossy formats” the fuze can play wma, mp3, or ogg/vorbis. Any of these can be coded at either of those bit rates.   

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Thanks, that’s what I was looking for. I do enjoy the quality of the music and I love the player itself; I just thought I was putting an unnecessarily large file type on it. I will go buy a micro SD card today to expand a little bit, because I can’t seem to put this thing down! Thanks for your help!