Product registration

I have a new Fuze.  I would like to register it.  The only place I can find registration is on the updater.  The problem is that Norton Phishing protection won’t let me go there because it is a “known phishing site”.  Is there an alternate way to register?

Product Registration
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FYI product registration is NOT necessary for warranty purposes. You are not legally bound to register a product to be entitled to the promoted warranty service. Ofcourse you may receive other goodies with product registration, but I personally value my privacy too much to give away my personal information. As a side note, you are also not legally required to give your personal info like zip code/postal code/home address when purchasing goods. I always ask them to skip that part and never had a problem once.

If you don’t give us the information, we have ways to make you talk! 

Remind you of those WWII movies, with an interrogator smacking the G.I. across the face with his gloves?

The registration link above is the way to go, and in case of difficulties with your Sansa, it makes support so much easier.  If you wish, be sure to keep your sales receipt under the mattress.  That method works too.

SanDisk sends you information only if you allow it, nor will they sell your information to Publisher’s Clearing House.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: