Problems creating an .m3u playlist on my Fuze (another one of these topics)...

Alright I’ll start off by saying I did do a search and have been through a couple of threads on the topic of playlists. 

I have an 8GB Fuze, I use it in MSC mode and I use WinAmp to create my playlists.  I know how to create the playlist using WinAmp (using instructions found in another topic) and for the most part it works…

My problem is that not all the songs show up in my playlist.  For example, let’s assume that I have 50 songs in the playlist I create using WinAmp, a few of those don’t show up on my Fuze.  When I load up the playlist, it will display (for example) 44 songs and not the full 50 songs.  I have no idea why it does this so I’m hoping someone here can help me.

Why do most songs show up in the playlist but a few never do.

I’ve tried using Playlist Creator 3.5 and the same thing happens.  What could be the issue?

(Also note that the songs that don’t show up in the playlist DO show up on the Fuze normally.)

I found that the Fuse does not recognize non-English file name or folder name in M3U playlist.  So if some of your songs have non-English file names, it will not show up in the playlist but still show up in the “all songs”.  Someone in this forum said that using M3U8 of WinAmp will fix this problem.  I never tried it but instead, just rename all my files to use English names.

Ah!   This must be my exact problem!  Since I do have a lot of French music on there.  I never even thought of that, thank you for the answer.  I’ll try the .m3u8 playlist and hopefully that will work.