Problems converting video on my E280R Sansa

When I attempt to convert the television shows that I’ve recorded on my HP Media Center Windows XP computer using the Sansa Media Converter, everything looks like it’s going just fine, the shows being converted, preview window looks good, etc.  The progress window progresses normally until it gets to the last 1-2%, and then it never completes…no matter how long I wait…nothing! Any suggestions???

same result on different videos from different sources?

Last night I was able to download a 30 second .avi personal video.  With the Sansa already connected, it worked just fine.  Then when I tried to download a television movie, which is .dvr-ms format, I got the same response as before.  The top line maxed out at 95%, and the bottom line at 73%.  I left it all night long, and this morning it was still the same.  The program seemed to be completely frozen at that point, and I had to do a CNTL-ALT-DEL to get out of the application.  There was nothing on my Sansa from the attempt!

my best guess is the vidos. (I’ve never even heard of that format.) I think you can click the ? symbol to check the supported formats. See if that one is listed.

That video format is listed as a supported format when I open the Sansa converter.  I just checked for any firmware updates, and there aren’t any for my Sansa.

the most i can suggest trying is to uninstall and reinstall SMC. If you dont already have the intervideo version, you can contact SanDisk and request a copy of the intervideo version of Sansa Media Converter; unless its out there somewhere on the web.

From what little I’ve been able to gather so far, the Sansa Media Converter has problems processing any video files that have problems or flaws.  I guess things like corrupted frames, etc.  When it encounters those flaws or problems, the Sansa Media Converter just locks-up without giving any error messages, thus it looks like it still trying to process the file with the pop up screen showing progress that is just halted.

I’ve tried to convert a dozen different video files, mostly TV shows, the ones that succeed, the progress is at the same steady rate from beginning to end.  The ones that fail, fail repeatedly at the exact same spot everytime I try the same file again.  Probably because, that particular file has some sort of problem or flaw at that point, which locks-up the Sansa Media Converter when it reaches that point in the file during each attempt.

Once the Sansa Media Converter Locks-Up, it doesn’t show it, even Windows Task Manager shows it running normally.  If you try to cancel the process when its lock-up, that will cause the program to crash, then Windows Task Manager will show it as “Not Responding”, and should be able to be closed by Task Manager.  You can start it again and make another attempt, but in my experience, if you use the same file to be converted, your results will be exactly the same, if you pick a new file that does NOT have any flaws in it, then it will probably work fine.

The only thing I can think of as a work around for this, is too get another video transcoding program to process the files you have problems with, the 4th party software may correct any of the problems in the original file, then you may be able to use the Sansa Media Converter to successfully convert it.

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try using the K-Lite Codec Pack… it couldnt hurt!


You are RIGHT ON!  Media Converter 2 locks up at 93% for many of my WMV files all created by Roxio/Sonic 7.5.  I’ve NEVER found an MPG file created by RS7.5 that it would read at all (reports failure immediately).  Believe me, the RS 7.5 output is healthy and can be read by anything I’ve used.  Also, tried Any Video Converter to fake it out and that did not work.  I have WMP 10 and tried WMP 11 - did not help.  (I’ve been able to restore my system through all this test nonsense using Ghost 12, the only way for me to maintain a known system baseline.

I’m waiting for Sandisk to read this forum and FIX THE SOFTWARE!