Problem with sansa E250 battery

  Hi! I had my Sansa E250 for around 4 years and it worked fine. Until today it suddenly turned off while i was listening to music. When I came home, I just charged it as usual. The problem is, when i disconnect it from usb, it stopped working. At all. However, if i connect to usb it works fine.

  So I assume that there’s some battery problem. Should I change it in service centre? Or just see if the battery is in the right place?

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It’s easy enough to check and/pr change the battery in the e200 series; just 4 screws holding the back plate on. Be careful not to lose them though! Look at the contacts for corrosion, etc. and make sure it is seated properly.

If you ned to get a new battery, there are plaenty of them around for good prices; Radio Shack, Amazon, eBay are just a few places to find them.

One thing to try though, if you haven’t already is the simple reset. Press and hold (un-connected from your computer) the power button for 20 secs. or so. Release, then press it once again to see if it wil start up normally on its own.