Problem with Extreme 64GB: unexpectedly removed in one device, working regularly in another one

Hello everybody,

I have some problems with a Sandisk Extreme 64GB microsd: if I put it inside my smartphone (Asus Zenfone 2, whose specs say that it supports sdxc up to 64GB; its operating system is Android 5.0), it is correctly mounted, but but after some time, say around one hour, I get a notification icon saying that the card has been suddenly removed and I have no more access to the microsd.

If instead I put it inside another smartphone (Acer Liquid E2, with Android 4.2.2), it works correctly. In order to check that the problem is not on the Zenphone 2, I have put inside it a microsd Samsung 32 GB class 10, and there are no issues with this microsd.

I have also tried to format the Sandisk microsd in exfat filesystem on my pc using SD Formatter 4.0, but witn no improvements.

Can anybody help me?


in that case i think that is related to your smartphone because the 32GB SDHC card is working fine but the SDXC card with 64GB is not and you excluded the card because its working fine with other several devices. so you can contact the smartphone manufacturer and see if the exact card is nativelly compatible and explain the situation like here.