problem while using for the first time

i buy a new sansa clip 8 gb, and when i connected it for the first time there is a blue flash in the middle circle, and nothing happen.

i left it like this connected to the computer but nothing happen, still blue flashes in the circle.

i bought it from UK yestarday and i bring it to israel.

can i replace it in israel? 

So your Clip doesn’t show up in My Computer?  Try switching the mode to MSC, if you haven’t already.  Also, try a different USB port.

it’s not only that it doesn’t show in my computer, i can’t even turn it on.

when i connect it to the usb i don’t see any battery icon on the screen.

i tried another usb port, and even another usb cable.

please help me.

Did you try the USB ports in the back of your computer?

yes, all of them, and even in other computer.

Do you have an AC charger you can try charging from?  It sounds like you have either a totally discharged Clip or a broken unit.

Also, did you try a system reset (on switch in uppermost position for 15-20 seconds)?