Problem Playing Continuously Using AC Adapter

I want to play music continuously using Sansa Clip through a voicemail system. Starts playing ok but will not continue even with an AC adapter. Any suggestions?

Check your settings, and be sure the repeat mode is on.

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Thanks for your comment. I have the setting in repeat mode. It will play for a while but at some point it stops and the Sansa screen shows “Connected.”

I think there is some sort of device communication issue between the AC adapter, Sansa Clip, and the output to the phone system. Like I said, it plays for a while but reverts to the “Connected” mode with no music.

I am wondering if the Sansa Clip plays only on a charged battery and not the AC adapter. Maybe the AC adapter is only for charging the battery. Maybe it will not power or charge the Sansa Clip with the music playing. Maybe the music stops when the battery power runs out and then reverts to “Connected.”

The Quick Start Guide says “You will not be able to play while connected to the computer USB.” (This connection is necessary for recharging). The guide goes on to say, “You will be able to play your device while charging with one of the adapters.”

I suppose there is a way to switch modes or vary the sequence of connecting the devices to make it work. Any further suggestions?

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The Clip should play fine with AC power.  Perhaps try a system re-set (on switch in the uppermost position for 10-15 seconds) or a re-application of the firmware (see the sticky thread at the top of the forum)? 

I suggest to people to get a player that runs off a AAA battery and use that for a an application that runs continuously, by soldering the ends of a 1.5 volt(make sure to set the polarity correctly) transformer’s wires to the battery contacts in a player. Many have had trouble getting a player with a built in rechargeable battery to play sontinuously, not just with the Sandisk brand, but with other brands of players as well. If you are having trouble finding a player that uses a AAA battery, you could look into the new Sandisk $20 Slotmusic player. You will also need a microSD card to use with that though.

The Clip plays fine off an AC or car-based DC adapter in my experience. The Clip can tell the difference between an AC connection as opposed to a computer connection based on signals on the data lines. Proper AC chargers should not use the data lines.

Perhaps your AC charger is not treating the data lines how the Clip expects. Since you have it work for awhile and then it switches to “connected” I’d guess the data lines are at a level that fluctuates and confuses the Clip.

If you use electrical tape or even regular Scotch tape you can mask off the two middle connectors on the USB connector (big/computer side, not clip side). Then you can use this cable with your AC adapter or even a computer to power the Clip.

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I agree, there’s something fishy on the AC adaptor side of the equation.  A wee bit of tape on the innermost pair of USB pins should isolate the data connection.

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