Private Access never loads up. Anyway I can decrypt my data? I have the password/

To my mistake, I have updated the SecureAccess to PrivateAccess, thinking it would boost up the loading of the vault. Unfortunately, it has gone even worse. Maybe 1 out of 10 tries I am able to load it, and it still breaks on me and closes the door unexpectedly. Anyway I can use something else to decrypt my files?

PrivateAccess is so private, even I can’t login.

Hi @maxfomo,

Thanks for reporting the issue. Have you opened a Support Case? If not please click here and open a new support case to assist in the best possible way.

I am having this same problem. Is there a solution? In my case, I am unable to successfully get PrivateAccess_win.exe to usefully load. When opened, I am presented with an option to supply my drive’s password (which I do). Then, the software just goes non-responsive for a long period of time. I see my task manager supplying CPU, memory, disk resources as it oscillates between responsive and non-responsive. Ultimately, the application NEVER presents me the option to do ANYTHING in the way of interacting w/ the disk/files. It just closes (after an hour or so of the above mentioned oscillation). It seems allowing the update from SanDiskSecureAccess to PrivateAccess has made the drive 100% unusable. I have submitted a Question… see reference → 220124-000232. Thank you.