PrivateAccess - Update has broken 2TB SSD Extreme Pro

On Friday (3 days ago), I was using my SSD with SecureAccess, which is painfully lethargic but working. I was copying files from a laptop to the SSD without much problem. Then, I received a notice indicating an update was available. Hoping the update may improve the speed of drive access/transfer, I was eager to update. After the update, I noticed SecureAccess was replaced with PrivateAccess… now I am unable to successfully get PrivateAccess_win.exe to usefully load. When opened, I am presented with an option to supply my drive’s password (which I do). Then, the software just goes non-responsive for a long period of time. I see my task manager supplying CPU, memory, disk resources as it oscillates between responsive and non-responsive. Ultimately, the application NEVER presents me the option to do ANYTHING in the way of interacting w/ the disk/files. It just closes (after an hour or so of the above mentioned oscillation). It seems allowing the update from SanDiskSecureAccess to PrivateAccess has made the drive 100% unusable. I have submitted a Question… see reference → 220124-000232. Thank you.

Note - my PrivateAccess_win.exe shows as version and sized 8.93 MB.

I have a similar problem. I have just updated form SanDiskSecureAccess to PrivateAccess. When I try to run the PrivateAceess_win.exe, nothing happens. I tried to a friend’s PC and it runs properly.

I wish this were the case. However, attempts to run the “privateaccess-win.exe” from multiple systems has the same result. I am asked if I want to connect to the existing vault, I click Yes. I put in a known good password (which it accepts)… then it just takes an hour to time out/hang and never opens a usable application window. I am frustrated and sad. My requests for assistance from support have so far not yielded results. They have had me download a replacement “privateaccess-win.exe” and asked me to copy to the drive (after deleting the old executable and deleting the old “PrivateAccess Settings” folder). When I run the new .exe, a new “PrivateAccess Settings” folder is created in root of drive, but still can’t open vault or access my previously encrypted files.

Sadly, I have been going back and forth with support on this matter for 2 weeks (since 1/23/2022) and still have no more direction or paths to recommended solutions. Will update here if/when resolved and (hopefully) how resolution was realized.