Presets lost upon shutdown


I have a 1 GB Sansa Express. About 75% of the time, when I shut my Sansa off then turn it back on later, I have to select the language again and reset all of my presets because they are erased. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? I am on my third Sansa Express due to faulty devices and having them replaced by tech support…and all of them have done this when I shut them off.

Thank you!


I have figured out a way to solve this, you need to pause your song before turning it off, if its not on a song go play a song and pause it and then turn it off. your presets shouldn’t be lost at least it works for me (newest 12a firmware)

First, make sure that you aren’t accidentally triggering a reset by holding volume + and the center button at the same time.  It can be easy to hit too many buttons while trying to hold down just the menu button.  A normal shutdown takes a few seconds of holding the menu button before it shuts off.

If you pause playback and leave the express running, it should shut off normally as well.

If it doesn’t restart normally after a normal power-down, I’d suspect corrupt files messing up the database.  You could back up all the files on the thing, then reformat and copy them back.  A format will get rid of any ghost or corrupted files.

Even with doing all this, I’ve found that the express can sometimes reset rather than shut off, both during normal attempts to shut down and button presses trying to navigate the menus, especially the “return to music list”.   I’ve given up on trying to use the Go list for anything more than short term song picks, because I know it will get reset some time or another when connecting to the PC or whatever.