Another express problem

I got a new express like 2 months ago.  I turned it on yesterday and it automatically shut off.  I turned it back on and put shuffle back on, and i could not play it or skip to the next song, then it shut off again.  After that I could not turn it back on.  The only thing I could do was plug it into my computer and (move all of my music back so when I get a new one I don’t have to sort through my music re-syncing it) it would say it was done charging then I would unplug it and I could turn it on, and then instead of going blank shutting off, it would say battery is dead.  Now after screwing around with it, it works fine but if I set the music on shuffle I have to go through that whole sequence again.  What can I do?  It is still under warranty and I can return it but the only thing I can return it for is another express (maybe I will get pink next time…), so is there a firmware update or something like that I can try?

downloads link at the bottom of this page, you can find the sansa firmware updater… try that for your express.