Power user with near 0% success rate, ready to return, please help?

I just picked up a Fuze+ because of the flac and playlist support and can’t get either to work. I’m a linux user with several options for transfering music files over. Here’s what I’ve done to no avail: 0) First thing I did was upgrade the firmware to 2.38.06A 1) Load flac and m3u playlists on microSD - I’ve been reading like crazy, I have playlists in root, Music, and Music/Subfolder, playlist starts with #EXTM3u, playlists with directories in them and without. Nothing. No playlists shown, no music shown. Yes, my FLAC is 44.1 2) Transfer files to the on-device memory in MSC mode. - Exact same results as above 3) Transfer flac file to device in MTP mode (using mtp-connect) - This time the file was recognized as existing! However, it tells me it’s an unsupported file type. In my reading, it was recommended to blow away the dat files and let the fuze+ rebuild them. This simply made the file disappear from the music menu Completely striking out with this thing. I don’t have time to experiment with this garbage, and it merely reminds me why I hate having to deal with PMPs at all, but I have a major event that needs a playlist and it’s the only way to pull it off. Can anyone walk me through what I need to do to get an m3u playlist running flac audio on this brick? Or should I just return it and find something else. --Faust

Rockboxed it, I can play FLAC now. I expected a lot more from SanDisk given previous products. Lame.