Possible to wipe/format encrypted/locked X400 SSD?

I have an HP EliteBook with a Sandisk X400 M.2 SSD. The SSD is protected with DriveLock and I need to know whether it’s possible to format/wipe the SSD completely allowing for a fresh install of the computer?

My understanding is that DriveLock is a hardwarebased encryption and I think the protection will follow the SSD if I for instance put it in another computer. What I don’t know is if it’s possible to boot with a boot-cd from a usb and use some kind of tools to wipe the SSD completely? I also read something about using a PSID (Physical Security ID) from the SSD and use it for a “PSID Revert” function (“In the event you lose your password, you can use this PSID to initiate a process which will cryptographically erase the drive, and then reset it to factory settings.  This allows you to re-use the drive.”).

Could someone please enlighte me?

there is a crypto erase tool if opal or edrive was used to activate the security of the drive. Not sure what drive lock does or if it is using software or the SSD hardware for encryption. 

Also there are two different versions of the X400. One is an SED the other is not. If you have the version that is not SED then drive lock would not be enabling the hardware encryption of the drie and would be some sort of software encryption. If that is the case the crypto erase tool would not work and you may want to talk to drivelock support to see if erase can be done. 

The X400 SED model number start with SD8TB8U if the model number starts with anything else it is not an SED. 

Crypto Erase tool