Poor volume when using external MP3 output

Hope someone can help me - I’m new to this MP3 player thing.  I bought a sansa Fuze 2Gb and attempted plug it into my MP3 port on my car. Problem is volume on the car stereo needs to be turned 3/4 of full volume to get it to an acceptable level.  I know this is an issue with the Fuze cuz when my son plugs in his ipod the music can be listened to at normal levels without turning up the volume. I have looked thru all the system settings and have set the music volume on “High” but it does not make much difference.

Thanks in Advance

Set it to High, and then Try and turn it up some more. I have to have mine maxed out (The Fuze) on high mode to get a decent level in the car.

Already tried that - I am not satisfied with the result.

@r_r wrote:
Already tried that - I am not satisfied with the result.

Thats all the Fuze puts Out.

I dont know how it would work for your situation, but I have heard of people using a headphone amp in their cars as well. 

If your car stereo has a USB port, you could try connecting it that way using the Sansa cable. Just be sure to put the Fuze in MSC mode.

Are you using the custom eq? Cause that really kills the volume on the music. Make sure to have the eq set to normal cause ur car stereo probably already has a eq that u can change. I used my fuze in my brothers car and I noticed the music was kinda low, then I set the eq to normal and it made a big difference. Try that out maybe it’ll work.

I don’t know what kind of head unit you’re using, but the Sony in my car has adjustable sensitivity for the aux. input.

If that doesn’t work, or there isn’t any adjustment, you should probably take a look at making a line-out cord for the Fuze, that should be as good as it gets.

Nope - No USB port

I am using custom EQ - But it seemed to be louder on custom than any of the presets.

It is a GM Monsoon 6 cd deck. I was wondering if any of the other models would be better.

Thats what I have in my truck, It works fine for me, but Seriously Check out the FiiO headphone amp, plug in to that, then run another cord into the sterio, it will boost the volume.

I’ll try - Where do I get it ?

There are lots of headphones amps out there.  Some cheap, some uber expensive.  Do a google search and you’ll find lots of options.  FiiO’s are quite in demand and are often out of stock at the places that sell them.  If you have your heart set on a FiiO, you may have to wait.  Boostaroo is another well respected, inexpensive brand of headphone amp that is also available and will work fine in vehicle applications.

I got my pk 3’s from here and was satisfied


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@r_r wrote:
Already tried that - I am not satisfied with the result.

Thats all the Fuze puts Out.


So yer Fuze aint putting out for you? Sorry, couldn’t resist sayin it…