Podcast play order!

I just got my Fuze yesterday,  I primarily use it to listen to podcasts.

I can’t seem to get my podcast to display/play in the order I want.  What does the Fuze sort this group on? 

Music files seem to use the track number.

It does not seem to be the ID3 track or title.

The current podcast sort order is devised by Dr. Who, meaning that it’s inverted for wormhole travel.

Just kidding!  Or am I?  Check yesterday’s memo as soon as I write it.

For the time being, if you change the genre of your podcast to something other than “podcast”, and save it in a playlist, you’ll have correct chronological order.  This is a handy workaround.  Use an ID3 editor, such as MP3Tag, a free program.

If you have the latest firmware, version 1.01.15, the key inhibit has been disabled, allowing you to zap between podcast episodes, to listen in the same order as the rest of the world.

I believe sort order is keyed by episode number.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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Using the podcast folder, or the genre podcast for files on the card will sort the files backwards. If you want them in forwards order, use the audiobook genre for files on the card, or the audiobook folder instead.

Thanks JK98!

Changing the Genre to Audiobook worked!

JK98: I understand your forward for audiobooks, backward for podcasts comment, but what does it sort on?  Track number or filename or title or something else?

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I think it sorts on track number first. If that isn’t present, then it probably sorts on title. I am not sure about this.

it would be nice if all these things were doccumented, and we wouldn’t have to guess about it, or run experiments

to get some answers.

I group my podcasts in folders in my pc, then use Mp3Tag to tag all the files in a folder with the same album name, to automatically set the title tag equal to the filename(without the extension) for all the files, then to automatically number the tracks with track numbers, and set the genre equal to audiobook for all the files.

I have my classical music marked with the genre podcast and placed on the card memory, so that it won’t be mixed in with the rock music titles when I want to search for songs by title. It seems silly that my podcasts are tagged as audiobook and my classical music is tagged as podcast, but at least with this workaround I can get more functionality from my player. It would have been nice if Sandisk provided a few more genres that are handled separately, perhaps classical, Jazz, etc. While one can set up other separate genres, those songs still appear in the song list when one lists the songs. When one chooses a genre or an artist, the player should give you a choice of seeing albums or songs, and an easy way to toggle from one to the other. Imo seeing all the songs from an artist would be a great feature.

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In the next release we will back out the inverted Podcast sort order due to popular demand.  Sorting will be done in Ascending order like audiobooks, tracknumber takes precendence.

Thanks, JK98 and Sansafix for this info.

As you suggest, the Fuze sorts by track number.  I don’t find, though, that it then sorts by title.  For example, when I set all the track numbers to the same value (I don’t know how to simply remove the track number), the tracks are random order. 

I’m happy so long as there’s some way to sort, but I’d much prefer if the player would have a second sort for items with identical track number.