PLEASE HELP - Failure reading the filesystems file (err=1)

Hi all!

I’ve connected my USB stick to my work computer today, on which my employer has put a system on that does not allow to copy data on USBs. This has been done through the entire organization. However, after connecting the USB stick I have managed to put in the password and enter my files through the SanDiskSecureAccess and open a word document. Still, after closing it, i couldn’t get back in and I left it as it was thinking it might me the new security system. After i got back home, I tried to connect it to my personal computer (I have a MAC vs a Windows one at the office) and after putting in the password I get the following error: **“Failure reading the filesystems file (err=1)” - see print screen **and can’t access my files despit they are still there. I also installed again SanDiskSecureAccessV3_mac, but i still get the same error.

I also used MAC’s Disk Utility and made a first aid, but everything came out all right and the error is still there.

Could you please help? How gen I get to my files/how can I get back my files?

Hope somebody can sort this thing out for me…

Many thanks!

Seems straight forward enough.  You tried to do something the company you work for doesn’t want you to do and got screwed.  But not laid off so able to buy a new drive and start over.

Basically when SecureAccess closed it tried to write the new encrypted file to the drive and couldn’t due to employer security.  SecureAccess now broken.  You gambled, you lost.  There is no fix.

Thanks! So there’s no way to get my files back?

Sorry alx but I don’t think so. 

But, I could be wrong.  Maybe someone with better knowledge of this situation will step in.

I ran the CHKDSKand received the following message:

Access Denied as you do not have sufficient privileges o rthe disk may be locked by another process.
You have to invoke this utility running in elevated mode and make sure the disk is unlocked.

This is my entire computer backup and in day of getting this message and purchasing a new drive and unfortunatly not receiving it for a few day, the following day my Mac Harddrive failed and now both the hard drive and back up will not work.  Please help.  Not sure how SanDik does not have a way to recover any of my data.

Run the Command Prompt in Administrator mode.  Done by Right clicking on the shortcut to invoke it.

Have you checked with the vendors of your backup apps for suggestions how to recover files thier apps create?