Please add continuous play

Hello.  I like my 4gb Clip, but I hate the fact that it will not play the next album once the final song on the current album is finished.  This is frustrating because I need to stop whatever I am doing and navigate through the screens to get to the next album.  This is a pain because the screen is impossible to read in the daylight without using two hands (one to block the light), and I need to navigate through a number of menus to accomplish this.

“Play all” is useless for doing this b/c if I want to play the 6th album, I need to skip through about 70 songs to get there, which is plain silly.

PLEASE add this feature!!



have you tried “play all” in the album’s node? it will play all the albums, in alpha order and the tracks in their order of their albums.

Yes, I am familiar with that – but as I indicated in my post- if I want to listen to the 6th album then I need to hit the “skip track” button about 70 times to get there, which is ridiculous.  And given that there is 4gb of memory, on my current loaded content I would need to hit the “skip track” button 300 times to get to my last album.

ah, well than I guess it won’t suit your needs to the exact =/

It’s fine the way it is. Use the menu button and change albums. It takes all of a few seconds to do and is much more effective than a firmware update.

Perhaps you didn’t read my comment. It is impossible to screw around in the menus without 2 hands during the daylight hours. Suppose I am one of the many Clip users who uses their player while working out…say on a bike. During a hard workout the music inevitably stops and I have to stop my workout, create shade to see WTF the dimly lit screen says, and then play around with the buttons to navigate through menus on barely visible screens to search out the next album. Nothing makes me more appreciative of my mp3 player than having to pull over to the side of the road top pick out the next album. It is probably my second favorite thing to do with my Clip, other than working out with the music actually playing.

Great. Very convenient. Definitely keep that “feature” in there when deciding about the next firmware update.

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So it’s too much work to pull aside on your bike and change albums? It doesn’t take 20 minutes to change albums. Home screen > Music > Albums > album you want = generally about 3 to 9 seconds. I really feel for you though. The amount of work put into exercising must pale in comparison to changing albums.

Clipper calm down, the reason why we give you these options is because we’ve been using the device for a while longer than you.  in fact I can do what you ask with only one hand and not even look at the device.  heck I can do that with just one finger if the clip is attached to some article of my clothing.

maybe when you get more use to the Clip you’d understand.

down, right, left, down, center.  or  down, center, left, down, center.

that will achieve what you want: go to the next available album from your currently playing album. you don’t need to look at the device. it’ll takes 5 pushes, and  I’m sure you’ve you’ve heard of up up down down left right left right B A start . . . putting in that sequence only takes about a few seconds, I think 5 pushes should be WELL under 2 seconds.

It is this outlook that makes devices nearly good, but not actually good.  Kind of like being happy with a B+ when the A is easily within reach.

The one-finger menu manipulation is neat-o, and I have tried it, but more often than not it hasn’t been successful while working out. 

but you see its a differnet point of view for each person.  for everything that one person wants, the opposite or slight variance is desired.

there are those that want to keep it that way so they can continue to listen to a really good album.

there are those who want it all in a certain order.

Think of it this way. suppose you had your feature. now you can go from 6th album to the 7th album automatically with no hand presses at all. but than maybe the 7th album isn’t what you wanted to listen to after the 6th. so you want to go to the 8th or 9th album.  that requires some button pressing and so you’ll request for the left and right button to skip albums instead of skip tracks. anyways as you can see the complicitions it leads not only for the firmware but also for users. the albums node wasn’t made for continuious play through album after album after album, it was made to play a album or to find a track within an album. I believe the ipod even works in this manner. 

Your reply starts out with the right premise, but then you miss the mark.  Different people want different things, and in this case everyone can be accommodated simply by another play mode or menu option.

no, sorry, the customizable dream mp3 player hasn’t come out yet.  I’m afraid not everyone can be accomodated just yet. 

customizable dream player = anything with rockbox on it…

That being said… clipper: before you go biking, make a playlist using the “GoList.” It takes a few seconds (maybe minutes depending on how long of a playlist you would like to make) but it’s not too much of a hassle.

Instructions should be in the user manual.  It basically involves going through song by song and pressing and holding the select button for about 1.5 seconds to add it to the “GoList”.

for about 2-3 albums, this process will take less than a minute.

Yes, that is what I have chosen to do, thanks.