Clip does not continue with next album

Hi all,

With my Sansa Clip I like to do the following - trivial - thing:

I want to play music by category albums. I select one album of my collection then when the album has finished with the last song it should move to the beginnig of the next album in order and start playing the first song there automatically.  Its just the kind of ‘repeat everything’ button I know from other music devices.

Is this possible? Or is there a workaround for doing this. I need that for running issues and its lousy to switch to the next album manually while making sports.

Thanks for your efforts,
bye schnibb

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Use a playlist.

I miss this feature as well.  If Rockbox gets perfected for the Clip, it has the feature, if I understand you correctly:  automatic album advance. 

PromisedPlanet:  Can one select whole albums for playlists?  Or do you have to select the music in the albums song by song?  (I don’t do playlists usually.)

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first thanks for the replys.
the only way I achived something similar to continous album play was the following way:
With my Media Manager Software (i use Media Monkey) I was able to create a playlist on my sansa player including all albums from my local archive. After synchronizing I had all of my songs of all albums in one playlist on the player in album order. By browsing though all the songs then I can start playing where I want to and he will countinue playing all further songs of all albums.
Its still not very nice cause you have a list of x songs where you must browse thought and find the right one to start with. Additionally you dont now which album it is because you just have the song title listed. This you should come by with if you render the album title into all the song texts when ripping your music.
I will test this soon. Hope this helps toher people too, or maybe someone has a smarter solution for the problem.

thanks and bye