Sansa Clip Suggestion for next firmware upgrade: Option to turn on/off screen and blue ring....

In the next firmware upgrade two aditional OPTIONS please:

  • As I described in another thread, maybe the screen is unnecessarily turned on when the volume buttons are pushed, I don’t think you need your eyes to control the perception of the volume. This could extend the screen and battery lifetime.

  • The option of turn on/off the blue ring led as in another thread in the forum.

Please, support the petition with your reply.

Thanks for u time.Greetings!
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I’d like to see an option to control the order of songs as an “Album” independently of the “Play All” or “Songs” options.  In other words, where you have under the “Music Options” a choice to control “Shuffle” as “On” or “Off” it would be nice to be able to control that for “Album” also. 

I tend to like to listen to my albums in the order they’re meant to be by the track numbers vice randomly playing songs under the “Song” or “Play All” option.

The Clip supports the use of the track number tag(except in the podcast folder where it seems to be ignored, so I put my podcasts in the audiobooks folder) so that songs can play in the order they are on the album(or you can change these tags to have them play in any order you want). i hope the next firmware will have the player consider track numbers for files in the podcast folder.

Yes BUT when you have the shuffle on it shuffles everything, even the albums.  What I want is an option to have shuffle on for one type (“play all”) but not for another type (“album”).