Playlist doesn’t resume correctly

I have the Sansa Fuze+ 16GB, When I power up I’m at the last song played screen in my playlist if I select it the playlist continues were I left off, but if I don’t select it because I want to watch a video or any other function the Now Playing screen won’t come back and I loose my place in the playlist. Along this logic, if shuffle means play all songs once in random order, then wouldn’t it be true that if I don’t resume play back at the initial Now Playing screen it erases it’s record of songs I’ve already listened too and start all over again from the start?

The last firmware upgrade 02.38.06A lists “Playlist doesn’t resume correctly” as a known issue, but no update on when It would be corrected. This was in  July 2011, has it not been addressed since then?

I doubt you’ll see any further firmware updates for the Fuze+.

I understand that this issue may never be addressed again, but what are people doing now to compensate for this omission? I mean videos and audio books pick up were the left off.

After my playlist is lost, I’ve found that if I play one of the last 10 songs then go to the playlist and scroll down until I find the song, which will have a play symbol next to it, and select resume my playlist sequence is restored.

Now I assume that if I’m using shuffle, which I understand to means playing each song in a playlist once in random order,  and in the same way I play video, radio, or a audio book and then return to music that the history of songs played in shuffle is erased and it will start shuffle all over again repeating songs I’ve already listened too. Wouldn’t this be the case?

It used to work fine.

I have my audiobooks as mp3 files in the MUSIC area.

Now when I turn off the FUZE, the next time it shows jibberish as

where to resume.

Any ideas how to fix?

I was thinking I would delete all and try to reinstall firmware.

I have the latest firmware on it now but seems to have a problem