Playing while charging

Hi folks

I couldn’t find any reference to playing while charging or plugged in for these things. Is it possible to play tunes from the Express through its phones while it’s plugged into a USB port? I’m looking to use it for a music on hold device in our server room. None of the servers have sound cards, but if this could sit in the USB of a server sucking juice and playing into our PABX, it’d be ideal.

Yes, I’d like to know how to do this as well… I’ve been trying to find a way myself.

i’m using usb charger, and it works for me ;]

Please go to the following link & read for instruction to do so.

Thanks for the link. Not sure why the search didn’t find it.

I’ll look for a Suggestions thread, but make it here too, in case I can’t find one:

It would be a good idea if the data lines didn’t *necessarily* disable playback through the phones. If you’re near a computer this would mean you needn’t stop listening to your tunes, even if it’s not your machine.

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Here is the link on locating the data line and put the tapes on them to disable them

I have an ipod USB charger for easy charging rather relying on the computer when you dont want to transfer songs into it…

It works good for any USB mp3 player that has inbuilt rechargeable battery.Also a blackberry phone recharger would go…

I havent checked the sansa player that plays music while charging as it is not in working condition…You could test it with such adapters though…

There are some dedicated USB charging cables you can buy from some retailers now that are basically nothing more than retractable USB cables that only carry power, and no data.  Circuit City has some that come with different adapters for different devices, but should work fine on the Express on their own.