Playing FM radio thru the computer?

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Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to plug the Clip to the computer via the USB port and have the FM radio, or the mp3 for that matter, play thru the computer speakers vs using earphones - - just for times that I want to listen, but not have headphones on.


You can access and play the mp3’s using a program on the PC while the clip is connected.  It just looks like a USB drive.

To play FM from clip through your laptop you need to connect the earphone output from the clip to the laptop’s line-in or microphone jack, set the mixer to look at that input, and have a program play it to the speakers.

Well, assuming you aren’t talking about using built in speakers, say in a laptop, then rather than connect your speakers to your computer via that 3.5mm jack, just plug them into the headphone jack on your Sansa.

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Hi - thanks for the info.  Yesterday I hooked it up to my computer at work via the USB cable that it came with, but couldn’t “find” it when looking at “My Computer”…it was like it wasn’t there.  Since this is a “work computer”, I can’t add any programs to it, and yes, I’d be using the internal speakers on the computer.  Not really sure what I need to be looking for in/on the computer…Windows Media Player???  Sorry to sound kinda dense!!

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Depending on how security minded they are at your workplace, they may not allow mounting external drives.

If the computer can automatically mount external drives, make sure your player is in mass storage mode (msc).

If there’s no music program on the computer, you would have to install one on the player that can be “portable” (that is, not need to set things in the registry)  Foobar can be installed this way.  

There is still the option of doing like the solution for FM, set the computer’s  mixer controls to send the line-in jack out through the speakers, then connect to your player with just an audio cable.

On the regular clip you can’t play anything from the clip when plugged into the usb port. You can access the files on the clip and play those using whatever you have on the computer.

You can’t play fm radio while connected. You could use an external ps, but on fm I get too much noise to make that a viable option.

I suspect the above would hold true for the clip+, but I don’t have one and I don’t comment on that which I can’t test.