Player will not start without flashcard(((

For last 7 days my player acting differently.

When external memory card is NOT in the player, the player get stuck for a couple hours in this loading

After 2 hours it loads completely but will not respond to any key. To turn it off I need to hold off switch for 30 seconds (yes, I counted))).

If flash card is in the player (not any card just one for 32GB)))) it loads and works OK)). 

Any idea why it start doing this?

I’ve tried to perform  Firmware Update 

it always cuts off on the same spot each time on 80%

I also copied the  SansaUpdaterInstall  file into rut directory on the player:

Then I took the external memory card out, then unplugged the player from the computer. 

player tells me the it refreshes the media:

and that’s it.

It does not turn itself off as instruction says and it does not update firmware. ((

I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong…

By the way I cannot connect the player with no external memory card to the computer because then it does not recognized by computer.

It’s only last 7 days like this.

question #2 

I have another Sansa that fell down on the hard floor and cracked

it looks like this now

When I connect it to the computer I get the message that I need to format it. 

but then it cannot complete the action: 

is anyone in Dallas (TX) aria can fix this??