EVERYTHING IS GONE!!!1!!1!1!!!!!!11ONE

As i said in the subject everything is gone

I put in a memory card that i had put in before(the one i use in my phone) the only difference was i had one more photo than ussual(sp.) and the music i was listening to stoped i went and looked at the picture than tryed to listen to something else took the memory card back out and everything was gone music playlists photos anything that wasn’t on a memory card.

i know i’m replyong to my own message but i’d like to add that i can’t add anything to i either not even the new firmware

Best to insert the card while the player is stopped or OFF.

You can reformat your player.

Unplug the player from the PC.

Slide the lock switch to hold.

Press and hold the <  (REW )  Key 

Connect to USB.

Find the drive letter and right click>  Format

Unplug the device and let it boot up. 

Go to Settings>Format>yes

This should clean everything up.

Next,  load the latest firmware.


dude take it easy it alwayss makes sense to have a backup of all your files back onto you hard drive or some place safe just in case this sort of thing happens and it does from time to time you never know when the device could fail and hopefully you’ll have that backup to rely on anyway it sounds like the sansa fix man has the technical solution for you im just bustin your chops cause it seems like you must have to pay a dollar for every punctuation mark you type thats the only thing i can guess:smileyvery-happy:

Thank you i beleive that fixed it

Hot-swapping the µSD card is a bad idea, as you’ve seen.  To change the card, always turn off the Sansa, then install or remove the µSD card.  The device sleeps with one eye open on that expansion slot, by the way.

You can remove and reinstall the card with the power off, and the device will do a database refresh to check the card upon startup, even if you’re installing the same card.

Bob  :wink:

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Being a new member and owner can I ask if it is possible to have a series of cards ie one for video, one for photos etc and interchange them in the player according to the content you want to use?  Obviously not by hot swapping.  thanks angela

Yes, you can load the individual cards with whatever type content desired.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: