Playback Problems - Maybe dropes samples

well, I just got a new Fuze because the old one was broken.

The Problem im facing now are short breakes during playback, sounds somehow like precessor/flash memory is not fast enough and dropes samples from mp3s.

Not every mp3 causes this trouble, but quite a few which used to work on my old sansa.

Revision is 1 just like it used to be

any ideas how to solve the problem?

Or do I have to exchange my fuze again?


Make sure your headphones are plugged in all the way.  Fuze headphone jacks are VERY tight when new, and it can sound like skipping.

well, I dont think that is the reson why - remembering the fact only some mp3 cause this issue?!..
well, but ill keep an eye on that

well, seems like a firmware issue - i updated and now the same songs seem to work fine (same earphones :slight_smile: ) - just wanted to reply for someone else who may have the same problem