Play sequence sometimes is wrong

I left this message on Amazons review site. It may be of use to you folks:

I wanted a new MP3 player that would hold all of my media. 32G was the ticket for my 20G of media. Sadly, this player won’t play the tracks in track order. I bought some music her on Amazon. My several year old Clip Zip plays the music in the proper track sequence, while this new one plays them in some odd order. I do NOT use shuffle. I tried to get the MP3 tags very simple (tracks changed from 1/15 to simply 01, disk changed from 1/1 to 1). I don’t know what it uses to determine sequence, and SanDisk players used to get this right. This one does not. I even updated to the latest firmware (1.04). I have always liked my previous SanDisk players. This one disappoints due to it playing tracks in the wrong sequence. I will hold out for a firmware update that addresses the problem. SanDisk->Use the MP3 tags to build the sequence list. I would rate as 5 stars if the track list was correct. This is VERY important to me that a player plays in the right sequence.

Update: I have 318 albums, for about 4,500 songs contained in just less than 20G. So when I loaded all of it to the player, I noticed some albums don’t play in the right order. I then deleted all music from the player, then picked out about 6G to load into it, including the albums I noticed didn’t play in the right sequence. Well, now they play in the right sequence. I have yet to figure out how much I can load up before the problem returns. For now, I will not load my entire library. Maybe a future firmware update will address the issue.

Maybe take a look at the suggestions I recently submitted in the Clip Jam section of the SanDisk Users Forum.

There are (at least) three music play modes in all the recent SanDisk MP3 Players:  

Each of these modes requires a bit of learning , personal testing, some patience and finally listening enjoyment.

All of the information you will  need is distributed within the SanDisk MP3 Player Forum.

If you have specific questions, then reply here and you should receive replies within 1-2 days.