Play Chinese named songs in Playlist

Hi guys, to those who use the Playlist (m3u) in their Clip Sport, how do you get those chinese named songs to line up in the playlist?

This is because I can’t play them via the playlist. Songs named in English show up and play well, but those Chinese ones just won’t show up when I browse them in the playlist.

Found out recently it’s probably due to the encoding of the font used when they are listed in the playlist. When I browse/edit it using the Windows Text, the encoding is in UTF-8. I’ve tried to switch them to Unicode, nope, no show as well.

Any suggestion?

The format of the ID3 tags must be ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. An easy way to change your tags is with the free program, MP3Tag.

Thank you for the suggestion.

It is not the ID3 tags of the song that causes it to not show up in the playlist. It is the encoding of the filename of the music. To my limited knowledge, I only know Unicode is the one that will play nice with chinese font.

And there lies the problem. I have read somewhere that Clip Sport’s playlist does not work with Unicode characters. As such, any filename with Unicode characters (in my case, songs with chinese filename) would not be “supported”.

I am asking folks out in the country of internet, is there any workaround?

(other than “don’t use playlist to play songs with chinese filename”, or just sit back, have some coffee and biscuits and wait for the Sandisk boys to come up with a Clip Sport update that will make Playlist recognises Unicode characters?)

(Simply by-the-way, unlikely that there will be any “enhancing firmware revisions” for this player model . . . .)