Playlist doesnt fully sync


I just bought my clip sport plus today. I have a playlist with 124 songs on it. Ive synced it multiple times using mediamonkey and each time the playlist is only 110 tracks. Any suggestions??

Are any of the files named with foreign language characters?  If the file name contains other character codes (such as DBCS) and the device language is set as English, the system cannot recognize these songs and not show in the device.    For example, it is OK for English file names when the device language is set to English however Chinese file names will not show when the device language is set to English.   

hey man thanks 4 the idea. there are no foreign characters. but long story short… i had a red one that did the playlist correctly. didnt like the color and swapped 4 a black one. the black on messup on playlists. but both were awful on connecting bt. they both worked but it took a lot of time and multiple tries. this is a dedicated work out player so these 2 problems were deal breakers and i returned the player. im thinking now a super cheap unlocked mini phone would be a better option for a small bt player plus it adds training apps/wifi music and could be a backup phone. i tried this model and the old clip sport. both suck compared to clip+. i was so let down. i think someone posted about them using a downgraded chip in the thread regarding “missing genres”. may be on to something cuz my clip+ form 2009 is still my go to player 4 non bt training. such a great player i hope the battery never dies.